Let yourself be carried by your brothers

You are not alone! A lot of men experience the same desire as you to be vulnerable and connect on a deeper level. No macho behaviour anymore but really hearing and seeing each other.

Do you dare to receive?


You are a unique men!
Discover your real power in connection with your brothers.

Self reflection


Take of your mask

for men

Vulnerable & powerfull

Become part of a community for men where you can be completely yourself, where you can be vulnerable and are heard and seen for who you are. Men who empower you to be your most authentic self! 
You are welcome with all your oddities, unpleasant and pleasant sides of yourself. 

"Oh if i think back about it, i feel excitement running trough my veins"

"It was a unique and magical experience. Intens and confronting but oh so precious. I was very fulfilled after the weekend..."

What to expect?

4-daagse gathering

Discover your authentic self

Get to know your true self, connect on deep level with others and experience unlimited freedom!

Deeper connection

Experience brotherhood with unknown people


Liberate yourself from limiting beliefs


Take leadership in your life

These men came before you...

Mats - 47

"A special experience to connect on such deep level in so short time. It felt like a gift from the universe to me."

Erwin - 45

"The warm and cosy atmosphere which was created felt heartwarming and healing. I enjoyed it a lot! I've warm memories off this weekend."

Jelle - 27

"Coming home, release & fun: brotherly love. Nice group, divers activities, enough time to connect with others and good food."

Frequently asked questions

No problem! This happens more often and we guarantee a safe space where everyone feels welcome. Our experienced facilitators are open to chat in private with you if needed during the retreat.

This weekend is for men. We make no differentiation between gay or straight.

This question can you only answer yourself. The most important thing is that you listen to your intuition. Are you curious but nervous then it's probably a yes. Do you feel resistants then is probably a no.

This depends in which fase of the urn-out you you are. Please contact us for personal advise. contact met ons op voor persoonlijk advies. 

Try 3 days before the retreat to eat vegetarian, no coffee, no alcohol or drugs and no sex (also not with yourself).

Make sure you bring a tent or camper. Bring a towel and warm clothes. Optional items to place on the altar, headlamp/torch, notebook and instrument. handdoek, warme kleding. Optioneel item voor het altaar, zak/hoofd-lamp, schrijfblokje, instrument.

Je kan altijd contact You can always contact us to discover together if the weekend is something for you. 

Are you coming on a 4 day journey INTO yourself, WITH your brothers

Speciale Equinox editie!

A gathering of men on a magical place

Are you joining?

22-24 september

My body says yes!

Because of the use of plant medicine we have a sign up procedure, so we can garantee the safety of the retreat. Fill in de question down below to continue the sign up process...

1. Did you had a psychoses within the last year?

2. Do you use anti-pyschotica / antidepressiva?

3. Does psychoses run in the family?