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Meet our team

Wij geloven in zorg met aandacht. Bij ons ben je geen nummer of patient maar een uniek individu die een pad bewandeld naar een gebalanceerd mentale, emotionele en fysieke gezondheid. Persoonlijke aandacht staat bij ons hoog in het vaandel, jouw verhaal staat centraal. Wij werken niet met uitgekauwde protocollen of trucjes, maar geven jou begeleiding op maat. We see a person as a whole; a combination of body, mind and soul.  We approach healthcare from a holistic perspective that integrates both Western and traditional healing.
Your individual spirit is key and we are here to serve!

Awareness is our foundation

Your body is a reflection of what is going on at deeper levels within. Every event triggers an emotion which in turn determines (physical) behaviour. Emotions that you are not able to feel result in stagnant life force energy. Because this mostly happens unconsciously, these behavioural patterns sneak in and suddenly get you stuck at some point. Which expresses itself on physical, mental and/or energetic levels.

This is exactly why we choose for an integrated approach, no quick fixes but a personal program with life long benefits for our travelers. Our core focus is to create awareness of the body, automatic (thought)patterns and behaviour. Becoming conscious of our behaviour and understanding how to connect to our bodies is essential on the long run. When you are aware, you open up the possibility for change. Focusing on awareness enables our travelers to deal with most physical and mental issues themselves. This way, they won't be dependent on us in the future but have found sustainable solutions and prevention that empowers them.

"When we follow our dharma, our work becomes a service"

Empowerment & support

As a team, we are here to support our travelers' journeys. We walk with them and believe in self empowerment. Every team member has their own specialty, background and way of working. Which enables them to practice the core of their capabilities. At Holistics we believe that you can only provide support when you first take care of yourself. When we pour energy into what we love, into our expertise and what makes our heart sing, we can provide that. By combining the expertises of our multidisciplinary team, our travelers receive the most optimal support.

De Holi's

Get to know the 'Holi's', our team of therapists, coaches and medical specialists who work from the heart.

Jitse Bouma

Life coach, fysiotherapeut (n.p.), 
energetic healer & founder Holistics

Carina Dusseldorp

Yoga teacher, consciousness coach 
& Human Design expert

Rune Asmussen

Manual therapist, physiotherapist,
massage therapist & physical coach

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Are you a coach, therapist, yoga teacher, doctor, medical specialist, energy worker, trainer, healer, shaman or using your gifts working with body, mind & soul in another way?
Would you like to contribute to our holistic movement?
Send us a message via the form below so we can schedule an appointment to see how we can be of benefit to each other.