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In recent decades we have seen a significant increase in mental and physical health problems in the Western world. From childhood we are molded to function in society. We work to build a career and procreate. And then what? 
More and more people experience stress, physical pains, a certain emptiness and feeling of dissatisfaction in their life.

Our body is a reflection of what is going on in deeper layers of our being and more often than not we ignore its signals until the body says no.
Only then we turn to our doctor, physiotherapist or other health specialist. 

Imagine being able to prevent mental & physical issues yourself? Instead of just symptom regulation with quick fixes. 
Take back the reigns, experience your inner strength and move freely through life with ease. 

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Life long benefits

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Experience inner peace

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Increase your awareness

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"Alignment Is The Balance Between Effort And Relaxation"

Your body is a reflection of what is going on at deeper levels within. Every event triggers an emotion which in turn determines (physical) behaviour. Emotions that you are not able to feel result in stagnant life force energy. Because this mostly happens unconsciously, these behavioural patterns sneak in and suddenly get you stuck at some point. 

This is why we choose for an integrated approach, no quick fixes but a personal program with life long benefits.

Healing and becoming conscious is an intensive process. You will be challenged en supported to integrate what you have learned and experienced in your daily life. Creating everlasting and sustainable results.

A journey into conscious liberation



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At Holistics we don't treat our clients as numbers. We don't do quick fixes or fixed protocols but have personal attention for the individual and his/her story. An integrated approach where body, mind and spirit align that results in life long benefits for your whole being. Our program, events and 1:1 coaching & support all facilitate a sustainable transformation of your life. 

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Holistics is founded to increase people's consciousness at all levels of health; body, mind and spirit. We strive for a balance at both the physical as the mental level. When living in a balanced state, we experience freedom and independence. Something every human being deserves!

Our unique concept empowers people to follow their hart and embody their dreams. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists is here to facilitate our clients fullest potential and support their highest level of health, vitality and consciousness.

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