Events Overview

Below you find an overview of events organised by Holistics

Expression Workshops

Earth Brothers Retreats


Earth Brothers Retreat

Datum: 5-8 januari 26-29 mei 2023

During our Earth Brothers Retreats you discover your masculine strength and discover the unconscious or hidden parts that live inside you. In a safe haven you get the opportunity to hold space for your pain and transform it into power. 3 days full of self reflection, healing and releasing patterns that no longer serve you. Do you dare to truly be vulnerable, to stand up for yourself and your needs, dreams and truth?

Holistics - Body & Mind Alignment

Body & Mind Alignment (Level 1 - Body)

Datum: november 2022

During level 1 we begin to get acquainted with the outer shell, our physical body. Our body acts as a mirror showing us what is going on deep inside of ourselves. By entering into a new connection with your body, you can tap into deeper layers of both your pain and power. By increasing your bodily awareness, you will experience more (physical) freedom.

Body & Mind Alignment (Level 2 - Mind)

Datum: Januari 2022

In level 2 of Body & Mind Alignment we will have a deep dive into the mind. We spend about 90 percent of our time in our heads. Having around 60,000 thoughts a day, you can imagine the mental noise that arises. What if you could be free of identification with all the noise? To no longer be a slave of your mind but instead having it as your ally. And instead live fully from your heart and learn to trust yourself on a deeper level along the way.

Body & Mind Alignment (Level 3 - Soul)

Datum: Februari 2022

In het laatste level verbinden we met de ziel. Jouw diepste kern, de ware zelf. Dit waar we diepe verbinding ervaren met onszelf en onze omgeving. Wanneer je acties vanuit de ziel komen ben je in staat moeiteloos en vrij door het leven te bewegen.